A decentralized ecosystem for protocols, builders and web3 users seeking sustainable FinTech.

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pub const KUJIRA_NETWORK: NetworkInfo = NetworkInfo {
    chain_name: "kujira",
    pub_address_prefix: "kujira",
    coin_type: 118u32,

pub const HARPOON_4: ChainInfo = ChainInfo {
    kind: ChainKind::Testnet,
    chain_id: "harpoon-4",
    gas_denom: "ukuji",
    gas_price: 0.025,
    grpc_urls: &["http://kujira-testnet-grpc.polkachu.com:11890"],
    network_info: KUJIRA_NETWORK,
    lcd_url: None,
    fcd_url: None,


See how to setup your main function in the main function section. Update the network passed into the Daemon builder to be networks::KAIYO_1.